This is an experimental wikified version of W. A. Munford's Who was Who in British Librarianship 1800-1985 (1987). I have entered both the main text of Munford and the Appendix, where the entries are only partial.

NB A very useful feature of this wiki is that you can click on the " ... " symbol in the top right-hand corner of any page and then choose Backlinks. This allows you to see what other pages link to that page, thereby for example retrieving a list of all the people shown as working at a particular library.

I have been through Greenwood's Library Year Book 1897 and British Library Year Book 1900-1901 adding anyone who does not appear in Munford, and including extra detail where possible. In most cases this has been added separately from the original entry, with no attempt at a seamless incorporation!

(Feb. 2012) I have now been through the lists in Kelly and added records for all local authorities. This information needs great tidying up.

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It does not seem to be possible to have separate lists of different categories, which means that the names of libraries are interspersed among the names of people. However, the names of libraries have been tagged for different categories.

List of tags

The pages for people are named by cutting and pasting their headings from the book; hence the capital letters.
For entries for libraries I have used standard capitals and lower case. Note that in the case of public libraries these are library authorities, and may not correspond with local government units.

Thanks are due to the Library and Information History Group which originally funded the conversion of the text of the book into electronic form.