Editing pages

If you would like to add extra pages please name them using the same format as existing ones.
The CAPITAL LETTERS for persons are really only a consequence of having been copied from the original, but I think it is useful and helps distinguish these entries from others.

I regret that I followed Munford in the naming of universities, expanding U to University. This means that most forms of name are wrong, but on the other hand it means that there is not a long list of names under "University of ...".

Please try to add Tags as appropriate.

The simplest way to create a link to another page is to enclose the appropriate words in double square brackets. (I cannot demonstrate this because it tries to create a link.)
Alternatively you can click on the "Insert Link" icon (the fourth one along on the toolbar), which allows you to include any link, including on the Web.

So far there are very few Sources. If you create new ones, please use very short abbreviations to make it easy to insert them frequently. For example, I have used "YB" to represent all manifestations of the Year book.

Email me if you have any queries.

John Bowman